Outdoor Hub

Your step by step guide to transform your outdoor space

From revitalising the deck to protecting your exterior furniture, we'll show you how to enrich and enhance your outdoor space. With easy-to-follow instructions and expert tips, unleash the traditional charm of Feast Watson's range of woodcare finishes.

Outdoor Hub Introduction

Step 1 - Project Planning

Decide Your Look
Your guide to choosing your outdoor space style and the design elements you need to achieve it.
Project Type
Identify your project in order to select the best coating for the job.
Type of Timber & Condition
Considering the type of timber and its condition are essential steps in creating a deck you'll love year after year.
Timber Protections
Find out the difference between oils, stains, and varnishes, to select the best finish for your project.

Project Planning

Step 2 - Prep

What Preparation Is Required?
Every time you coat your deck, don’t forget to prep! It's the essential first step for a beautiful outdoor space.
Products To Use
Prepare your deck for coating with Feast Watson Woodclean, a powerful deck cleaner that revitalises and removes dirt, stains, and weathered wood fibres.
How To Prep
Learn how to properly prep your deck to give the best looking, and longest lasting finish.

Preparing timber surface

Step 3 - Colour & Finish

Finish Options
Gloss, satin or matt, Feast Watson has an array of finishes for your deck style. Designed to last and nourish your deck.


Step 4 - How To Coat Your Deck

Tools & Equipment
Coating your deck and exterior timber is a rewarding project, and having the right tools and equipment is essential for a flawless and durable finish.
Learn the steps to achieving a flawless finish on your deck with Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil.

Coating a deck

Step 5 - Complete The Look

Outdoor Furniture
Don't forget to protect your timber furniture from the elements. Apply a protective finish to enhance its beauty and extend its life.
Your timber cladding is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Ensure it has the proper protection and looks great for many seasons to come.

Complete The Look

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