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Is your outdoor deck longing for a revival? Look no further than Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil to enrich and protect its beauty. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of applying Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil, ensuring your deck not only has that classic timber look but also stands the test of time.

Matt Finish Decking


Achieving a flawless finish begins with thorough preparation. Start by sweeping any dirt and debris from your deck. For an even, smooth finish or to remove any stubborn stains, give your timber a sand. Next step is to revitalise your timber with Feast Watson Woodclean. Wet the timber and scrub with your diluted Woodclean solution - 1 part Woodclean to 4 parts water. Wash off after 20 minutes. Refer to our comprehensive guide to make certain you've covered all necessary steps. Equally important is confirming that your timber is entirely dry, creating the ideal conditions for optimal coating absorption.

Preparing timber surface


Consistency is key. Before and during application, stir Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil thoroughly. This simple yet crucial step prevents the introduction of bubbles and guarantees a smooth, uniform coating. If your project covers a substantial area, where more than one can of Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil is needed, mix both cans together in a large container for a seamless application.
  1. Begin with Precision: Adopt a measured approach by working on 3-4 boards at a time. Apply a single coat of Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil along the grain, using a brush, roller, spray, or Feast Watson Floor Applicator. For rollers or sprays, back brush the coating to ensure even penetration. Remember to fully coat edges and end grain for comprehensive protection.
  2. Allow for Proper Penetration: Leave the oil to penetrate the timber for 30-60 minutes. This crucial step allows the oil to seep into the wood, fortifying its durability and enhancing its appearance. Before the timber becomes tacky, wipe off any excess product with a dry applicator or cloth—an essential step for achieving a flawless finish.
  3. Apply the Second Coat: After 1 hour, apply a second coat of Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil. Wipe off any excess product 30-60 minutes after application to ensure an even and beautiful finish.
  4. Optional Third Coat: For those seeking an extra layer of protection and a longer-lasting finish, consider applying a third coat following the steps above.
And that’s it! The application steps for protecting your deck and transforming your outdoor space. Allow the timber to dry for 18 hours before styling and enjoying your beautiful new deck.
Are you a visual learner? Watch our how-to video for the entire deck coating process with Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil.

Coating a Deck

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