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We have spent generations perfecting our products so you can choose the right timber coating for your home style dreams, with the best quality to keep it lasting. We call it Beautiful Protection!

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So, I guess you want to know a little about us? Fantastic!

Knowing who the brand is behind the screen is so important – we get it. So, here is a little bit about us. We were started all the way back in 1922 as an Australian owned and family run business, and wanted to create only the highest quality and style of timber care products for our fellow Australians. You could say that with almost 100 years’ experience, we really know our stuff. But don’t let our age fool you. Although we may have started ‘back in the day’, we, just like the rest of the world, are ever evolving. And so are our products. We want to provide indoor and outdoor woodcare products that everyone can use and know they are getting the highest quality of timber care for their interior and exterior timber for any project. No matter if you need a beautiful deck stain or natural decking oil, an understated furniture polish or a touch of floor paint, we have your back– we are a brand for the DIY’ers, and the First Timers, not just the Master Crafters. Our goal is to empower you to love your timber and your home. We are here to help, stand by you and provide the products and the knowledge you need. We want you to feel like you could audition for the next season of The Block, or House Rules *or*, just feel like you can make your house feel like a home by getting the exact look and feel you want to enhance your beautiful timber.

Empowering your design style.

The good news about having almost 100 years of experience? It also comes with 100 years of fantastic ideas, expert knowledge, and products that have been tested, endured and loved. We have products that have stood the test of time and are still absolute customer favourites. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, they’re timeless.
But have no fear, we too are a huge fan of new trends. We are always on the lookout for the next best style and look forward to sharing them with you. We are here to help you create a stunning timber feature in your home and the absolute pride and joy of your design style.

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Peace of mind, quality products.

Our dream is for our products to help you achieve your design aspirations and still be able to stand the test of time, looking as good as it ever did. Because really, what is better than a product that really lasts?
We have a team working hard to make sure that dream comes true. They innovate and test our products to ensure they do exactly what they said they will. No lies, half-truths, smoke and mirrors, or any magic - just amazing, Australian quality.
You can know that with our products, your timber will look picture-perfect and be well protected.

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