Timber Protections

Choosing between an Exterior Oil, Stain, & Varnish

Preparing the timber is complete so now it's time to coat! Oils, Stains and varnishes each bring unique benefits, crucial for maintaining the integrity of your timber deck. Let's explore these three finishes and see which is right for your project!

Coating a Deck


Coating your deck in an oil not only enhances the natural colour and grain of the timber, but provides protection as well. Oils penetrate the timber, forming a barrier which repels moisture and prevents the timber from drying out. This protective barrier also protects against environmental factors, specifically ensuring the integrity of the timber withholds from UV damage. Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil will impart your timber with a timeless beauty and protection. Perfect for all exterior timber including decking, outdoor furniture, pergolas, steps, fences, gates, posts and beams.

Effortless style decking oil


An exterior wood stain, like our Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain, serves as a protective shield that can introduce a vibrant colour without hiding the timber’s unique grain. Stains are a great option when you want to completely transform the look of your timber deck, vs Oils which enhance the natural colour and grain.. With the option to tint it in a wide range of colours, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of choices! Stains offer reliable protection against the rigours of weathering, UV rays, and moisture. It’s an ideal coating for decks, doors, windows and trim.

Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain


If you're looking for a clear coating to preserve and protect your exterior timber, a varnish is for you. The Feast Watson Weatherproof Varnish not only provides robust protection from the elements, such as sunlight, salt mist, chemicals, oils, and solvents, but also delivers a sophisticated, satin or gloss finish that exudes elegance. Elevate the look of outdoor furniture, doors, trim, handrails, cabin brightwork, and window frames.
Ultimately, the choice between oil, stain, and varnish depends on your project's specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you prioritise enhancing the timber's natural beauty, transforming the timber's colour, or protecting with a clear coat, Feast Watson has the perfect solution to ensure the longevity and look of your timber projects. Explore our finishes and make a choice that aligns perfectly with your project.

Styled sling chairs restored with Feast Watson Weatherproof Varnish

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