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You've chosen your style, but what's next?

Now that you've chosen your preferred outdoor style, the next step is to bring your vision to life by selecting the right Feast Watson product for your specific project type. Whether it's decking, outdoor furniture, timber cladding and screening, or fences and planters, each application has unique considerations to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your timber. Let's delve into the specific needs and recommendations for each project type.

Styled sling chairs restored with Feast Watson Weatherproof Varnish


Coating your deck is not just about enhancing its appearance; it's also essential for protecting the timber from UV, weathering and wear and tear. Feast Watson’s range of Decking Oils and Stains are the perfect solution, penetrating the timber to provide water repellency, protection and colour longevity. By coating your deck regularly, you'll not only achieve a beautiful finish but also ensure your deck withstands the wear and tear caused by weather and foot traffic.

Geneva Vanderzeil coats a deck with Feast Watson

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor timber furniture adds charm and functionality to your space, but exposure to the elements can lead to wear and deterioration. Protect your investment with Feast Watson’s range of protective coatings, such as Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil. This product nourishes the timber, bringing out its natural beauty while offering protection against weathering. With Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil, your outdoor furniture can maintain its allure and ensure many seasons of comfort and style.

Outdoor Furniture

Timber Cladding and Screening

Timber cladding and screening often face challenges like exposure to rain, wind, and UV rays. To shield them from these elements, Feast Watson Wood Shield is the go-to solution, (Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil can also be used on cladding and screens). This timber oil provides a durable finish that enhances the wood's natural colour while offering superior protection against UV rays. Perfect for doors, windows, and exterior trim, Feast Watson Wood Shield ensures your timber cladding and screening remain not only visually appealing but also resilient in the face of changing weather conditions.

Outdoor bench

Fences and Planters

Fences and planters, being integral parts of your outdoor landscape, deserve a finish that combines aesthetics with robust protection. Feast Watson Wood Shield is an excellent choice for these elements, providing a timeless finish that enriches the natural colour of the wood. As fences and planters are exposed to soil, moisture, and plants, This timber oil forms a protective layer, preventing deterioration and ensuring a long-lasting, attractive outdoor boundary.
Whether it's decking, outdoor furniture, timber cladding and screening, or fences and planters, each project benefits from a tailored approach to coating. With Feast Watson's range of high-quality timber finishes, you can not only enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also safeguard your timber investments for years to come. Now that you've determined your project type, it's time to assess the timber's condition to select the proper preparation steps.

Timber home

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