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Take a closer look at our diverse range of interior and exterior finishes, and find the perfect product for your project and design style.

Our Products


A deck is an extension of your home, a space to take pride in. Discover our range of oils and stains available in an array of on-trend colours to transform or revitalise your deck.


With over a century of experience rejuvenating and protecting your floors, we know how to make your space stand out. From a statement, dark stain to an airy, light wax, you'll find the perfect product to exceed your design dreams.


Whether you want to preserve a vintage piece for years to come, or upcycle a pre-loved item, our on-trend timber stains and finishes will achieve your design vision.


Create a fence that will be the envy of all your neighbours. From a coat of paint, a beautiful stain or a clear coat, we have a product to compliment your home exterior.


Breath life into the heart of your home with our range of waxes, varnishes and stains. Designed to protect and revitalise your kitchen essentials.


Our windows frame the outside world, make sure they’re protected and looking their best with a fresh coating.


Transform the entrance to your home into a beautiful feature your guests will remember. Ornamental, modern, traditional or contemporary — breathe new life into your doors with a new hue that enhances the timber’s rich grain.


Preserve your beautiful cabinetry or bring dated craftsmanship to life with a new, on trend aesthetic.


A small change can create a big statement. Show your trims some love with a fresh look or a revitalising top coat.


Screens battle the elements to protect your space, return the favour and give them the TLC they deserve. Discover our range of protective and rejuvenating screen coatings.


Cladding can be a beautiful and unique addition to your exterior. Keep it looking its best and protected from weathering with our range of oils.


An essential first step on your DIY journey. Ensure your project looks its best by selecting the right prep products for the job.


Keep your floors looking as fresh as the day they were installed, with our range of cleaning products specially designed for timber.


Don’t let your hard work lose its lustre. Whether a high-traffic area is starting to show its age or the elements have left their mark, return your timber to its best.

Other Exterior Timber

Our wide range of stains, coatings and maintenance products are all crafted specifically for Australia’s unique environment. Undertake your DIY projects knowing they’ll be protected from the elements.

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