4 Steps to the Dark & Moody Home of Your Dreams

What if when you curled up with a good book and hot tea, your home reflected the sense of ease you felt inside?

Well, it's possible with interior wood staining using Prooftint in Brown Japan: the elegant shade every home needs. Brown Japan is perfect for adding a dark, moody vibe to any space. Just think about the cosiness when watching the rain hit the window, or when the scent of freshly baked brownies fills the air. Brown Japan is the interior wood staining product made for those moody moments and more. So if you're chasing that ambience, here are the four essential steps your home needs!

Prooftint Brown Japan

What you'll need

woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™
Brown Japan

1. Beautify with Brown Japan Timber Stain

Brown Japan Timber Stain is cosiness one coat at a time. The best part about Brown Japan is its versatility. Transform a coffee table and create a beautiful contrast for colourful books or a vase of vibrant flowers. Or set the mood of an entire space with new floors. Forget the hassle of installing new floorboards, simply select Brown Japan from our range of floorboard stain colours for a good-as-new, gorgeously woodsy look. Just one coat will enhance the timber's grain for a more rustic look, while additional coats can darken for a sophisticated vibe.
Small areas: Use a brush or cloth to apply Prooftint evenly over the desired area. Wait 2-5 minutes for the stain to penetrate before wiping off the excess with a clean, soft cloth. Apply coats until you achieve your desired hue. Once dry, make sure you seal it with Timber Floor Oil, Timber Floor Wax, Clear Varnish or Scandinavian Oil™
Large areas: Begin by diluting Prooftint with Prooftint™ Colour Reducer to allow more time to evenly distribute the stain and achieve a uniform appearance. Then simply use a brush or the Floor Finish Applicator and lambswool sock to apply the mixture, and stain floors 2-3 boards at a time. When done, wait 2-5 minutes and wipe off excess. Then, as with all staining, apply a clear coat such as Timber Floor Wax or Timber Floor Oil, after the floor is dry to preserve the stain and provide durability for high-wear areas.

Test patch of Prooftint Brown Japan

2. Sit back with soft, neutral upholstery

Is it really a moody home without beautiful upholstery? It's the super-easy way to add a unique touch to your space. But even though it's an easy addition, there's some decision-making involved; think about colour, fabric, size and whether you’re after a contemporary or vintage look. In building a moody environment, soft and neutral tones can create a quaint ambience and stand out charmingly against darker-toned walls, furniture or floors.

Neutral upholstery furnishings to complement our Prooftint Brown Japan colour in your home.

3. Liven it up with brass elements

Attention to detail is crucial. Brass elements can elevate your space, adding a modern, metallic flare. There's also so many ways to incorporate brass! Consider brass light fixtures, like a reading lamp or statement chandelier, or adding a brass-framed mirror or table ornament. You can even add brass accents to cupboard handles, faucets or hanging shelves. Brass is a sure-fire way to enrich any room!

Brass elements can elevate your space, adding a modern, metallic flare.

4. Set the mood with low lighting

Nothing says ambience like low lighting. Ditch the downlights, and opt for low lighting that adds charm with warmer tones and a softer glare. Consider lamps over lights, to illuminate the room into a cosy haven. If you want to save energy and be extra low-key, you can even set the mood with candles or fairy lights. You may need to use your phone torch to get by, but it'll be worth it for that good mellow feeling.
So get that smooth record spinning, the fire cracking, the good wine out and get comfy. Combining these steps will make your home the dark and moody sanctuary you've always dreamt!

Prooftint Brown Japan

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