How-to Upcycle a Coffee Table

Coffee Table Upcycling

Breathing new life into an old timber piece, instead of throwing it away, means adding a unique, magical touch to your home's existing décor. Garage sales, flea markets or side-of-the-road finds offer so many possibilities, and @the.little.key shows us that repurposing a second-hand coffee table is always a worthwhile option. She uses our Prooftint in Oak to lighten the timber and enhance its grain.

Little Keys - Upcycled Coffee Table

What you'll need

woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™

How to achieve @the.little.key's look:

1. Source a promising, preloved timber coffee table.
2. Give the piece a clean and fill in any dents for a smoother finish.
3. Sand the timber to remove any existing coating.

Preloved coffee table

Transform the timber with Prooftint

4. There's a diverse range of Prooftint colours to suit your design style. Using a brush or cloth, spread your desired Prooftint hue evenly over the table's surface. Continue to apply coats until you achieve your desired look.
5. To add contrast, paint the bottom tier of your coffee table.
6. Once the Prooftint is dry, you're ready to seal your piece. Use a soft cloth to apply a generous amount of our Wipe-On Poly. Remember to shake the container well before use and work in the direction of the grain.

Upcycled table

The finishing touch

7. Allow this clear, silky smooth finish to dry for six hours before styling your new coffee table.

Upcycled Coffee Table

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