Timber Floor Wax

Clear Matt
Enhance your timber's natural beauty with Feast Watson Timber Floor Wax. This is no ordinary floor wax. There’s no shine or colour, just a hard wearing finish with a sumptuous matt finish.
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Where to use

Ideal for interior timber flooring, parquetry and furniture


Hard wearing natural clear

Coverage rate

Softwood up to 20m² per litre. Hardwood up to 24m² per litre.

Recoat time

Recoat after 6 hours

Dry time

Touch dry after 3 hours. Light foot traffic after 24 hours. Heavy traffic after 72 hours. 7 days to fully cure.

Clean up

Mineral Turpentine. Soak application cloths in water prior to disposal.


1L, 4L

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How to prepare your timber for Timber Floor Wax:

  1. Punch exposed nails below the surface. Holes and imperfections should be filled with timber putty after the first coat of Timber Floor Wax to match the putty colour with the coated timber colour.

  2. Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Vacuum and wipe to remove sanding dust.

Previously Coated Surfaces:

  1. Previous coatings need to be removed by sanding surface back to bare timber. Ensure that any sanding dust is cleared.

  2. Previous coatings of Timber Floor Wax or Floorseal Oil can be recoated without resanding.

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