The quickest way to a traditional finish

Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil

Enrich your space with a traditional choice that highlights the timeless beauty of timber with Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil – the penetrating timber oil specially designed to achieve a natural finish whilst protecting against the damaging effects of weather.
In this article, we'll delve into the reasons why Traditional Timber Oil is the perfect choice for achieving an elegant and traditional finish for your exterior timber and how you can achieve this quickly thanks to its convenient 1 hour recoat time.

Traditional Timber Oil

Embracing natural beauty

Traditional Timber Oil allows the timber’s natural grain and texture to shine through, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area. Unlike other products that may cover up the timber's character, this decking oil celebrates the unique charm of your timber as it gracefully weathers over time. Available in Merbau, Natural, and Weathered Grey colours, Traditional Timber Oil can also be tinted to a range of richer colours including Walnut and Red Cedar.

Traditional Timber Oil Colour Range

Weather-resistant and durable

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Traditional Timber Oil offers exceptional protection for your exterior timber. This high-quality oil forms a protective barrier, shielding your deck from the damaging effects of the elements. Unlike inferior oils that may crack or peel, this durable oil ensures long-lasting beauty and resilience, even in harsh weather conditions.

Traditional Timber Oil

Easy application with fast 1 hour recoat time

Traditional Timber Oil is designed with convenience in mind. Its user-friendly application process makes it suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.  By following our how-to guide for oiling a timber deck for a traditional finish, you can achieve professional-looking results without the hassle. Its fast 1 hour recoat time means you're able to finish the job quicker so you can get back to enjoying your refreshed deck sooner.
Create a beautiful outdoor space that stands the test of time with Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil, the best decking oil for spotted gum and merbau. Its ability to preserve the natural character and charm of your timber while providing excellent protection makes it a must-have for any outdoor project.

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