Traditional Timber Oil

Harness the timeless beauty of your timber with Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil.
Developed specifically for exterior timber, this weather-resistant decking oil provides a warm, understated finish to your decking, outdoor furniture, fences, steps and gates while ageing naturally – without cracks or peeling.
Application has never been easier, as added eucalyptus oil dissolves any leftover residue or material, delivering an elegant timber finish.
Select timber
Number of coats

Where to use

All exterior timber including decking, outdoor furniture, pergolas, steps, fences, gates, posts and beams.

Coverage rate

6m² per litre

Number of coats

Bare Timber: 2

Recoat time

Wipe off excess after 30 mins. Recoat after 1 hour.

Dry time

18 hours

Clean up

Mineral Turpentine Clean up


4L & 10L

You may also need

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How to prepare your timber for Traditional Timber Oil:

Before you get started coating, let's prep!

New Timber How to prepare new timber:

  1. Allow your new timber to weather for 4-6 weeks before applying.

  2. Ensure your deck is clean and ready to go by applying Feast Watson Woodclean.

  3. Sand the surface lightly to remove any raised grain for the best results for your deck. And remember, remove any leftover dust before coating!

Weathered Timber How to prepare weathered timber:

  1. Ensure your deck is clean and ready to by applying Feast Watson Woodclean.

  2. For best results, lightly sand your timber to remove any deterioration.

  3. Make sure to remove all sanding dust before coating!

Previously Coated Timber How to prepare previously coated timber:

If your deck already has stain or oil, don't worry. Test if your surface is ready by sprinkling water onto your deck:

- If the water absorbs into the timber - you're good to go! - If the water beads, you will need to let your deck further weather, or if you don't want to wait, you can either sand or strip your deck back to bare timber.

Painted or varnished surfaces:

  1. Before coating, you must bring your timber back to bare timber by stripping or sanding your deck.

  2. Make sure to remove all sanding dust before coating!

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