How to create a wooden mirror with our woodstains

Geneva Vanderzeil's DIY how-to for a bespoke timber mirror

Love how your space is coming together, but feel like something's missing? We've all been there. But there's no need to browse the shops, make another Pinterest board, or buy random things to fill the design void. We’ve found the bespoke centrepiece you need, that looks expensive and exudes style. The best part? It's DIY and fully customisable, thanks to our divine range of Prooftint woodstain colours!
Ok, enough teasing. Read on to find out how @genevavanderzeil used our Prooftint in Oak to make an organic wooden mirror.

What you'll need

woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™
Timber Floor Wax
Feast Watson Timber Floor Wax
Mirror in your desired size
Timber in your desired size
Glass cutter
Electric Sander

Unleash your inner artist

1. Using a glass cutter, safely cut your mirror to roughly fit the size of the timber.
2. Free-hand draw a funky shape onto the mirror, as squiggly or uniform as you like. Once done, repeat the same onto the timber, and then draw a frame around it.

DIY Mirror using Feast Watson's Woodstain

Cut out your shape

3. Drill a hole into the wood.
4. Insert your jigsaw and cut the inside of the sketch out. Once done, cut the outside wood out, and there you have your frame.
5. Use your sander to ensure the edges are smooth.

cut out the desired mirror shape

Now it's time to stain!

6. Wearing gloves and using a brush or cloth, apply Prooftint in Oak evenly over the timber, ensuring every spot is covered.
7. Allow the stain to penetrate the surface for around 2-5 minutes. Then, wipe off the excess with a clean, soft cloth, evenly wiping the area.

stain your mirror using Prooftint

The finishing touches

8. Once dry, seal with our Timber Floor Wax, to ensure lasting protection and a rich final colour.
9. Place the mirror into the back of the frame, and then drill screws into 4 small squares of wood to keep the mirror in place.
10. All that's left is to hang your stunning, organic wooden mirror.
In times of style stress, when you're just itching for a makeover, remember you don't need to overspend or compromise. Sometimes what your space needs is easier and more affordable than you think, like an organic wooden mirror.

seal with with our Timber Floor Wax

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