How to create a rustic stool with Prooftint

Geneva Vanderzeil's how-to for creating a rustic stool with Prooftint

What is it about a quiet cabin in the woods or enchanting country cottage that’s just so alluring?
It's that both homes embody a handsome rustic design, with ethereal earthy tones and natural textures, like gorgeous wood. So naturally stunning, it's no wonder the rustic aesthetic is all over our Pinterest feeds!
So if you're wondering how to give your space that ravishing rustic touch, Prooftint in Old Baltic has you covered - and your floors and furniture soon, too. Let's embrace our inner designer and DIY with a multipurpose stool, that you can use for sitting or as a mini table for books, photo frames, you name it!

Geneva Vanderzeil with DIY rustic stool using Prooftint

What you'll need

woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™
Old Baltic
Timber Floor Wax
Feast Watson Timber Floor Wax
3x 30mm round legs cut between 450 to 500mm long
1x board with at least 30mm depth, cut into a 300 to 350mm diameter round board
Electric Sander
3x metal base plates

To make the stool:

1. If you're opting for a full DIY and your timber hasn't yet been cut, begin by cutting your wood board into a circle to form the base.
2. Sand your base and legs until they are smoothly-shaped.
3. Hit the legs with the hammer sporadically to give the stool that rustic, well-loved look.
4. Screw the metal base plates into the top base.
5. Screw the three legs into each metal base plate.

To Prooftint:

1. Using a brush or cloth, apply Prooftint evenly over the desired area.
2. Wait 2-5 minutes for the stain to seep into the surface, then wipe off the excess with a clean, soft cloth.
3. Ensure the edges of any adjoining sections are carefully blended together by evenly wiping the overlapped area.
4. Once your area is dry, make sure you seal it with Timber Floor Wax. The matt, clear topcoat ensures lasting protection and fully develops the final colour - the most crucial step!

Applying Feast Watson Prooftint to Geneva Vanderzeil's wabi-sabi rustic stool.

There you have it!

The first step to a ruggedly rustic home: your very own DIY stool.
So, how will you use it? Maybe a cute side table, or a spare chair? No matter its purpose, Old Baltic is a magnet to house guests, so be prepared to never hear the end of: where'd you get that? (made it myself), it's so lovely! (thanks!), and that GORGEOUS colour! (trust me, I know).

Geneva Vanderzeil's Wabi Sabi Rustic Stool featuring Feast Watson Prooftint.

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