How to choose colour for the timber inside your home

Bring colour and life to your interior timber with the Feast Watson Prooftint™ range of traditional stains

Ready to transform the colour of the timber inside your home? Join Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour Specialist, and learn how to bring colour and life to your interior timber with the Feast Watson Prooftint™ range of traditional stains.
Let's dive into some popular home styles and how to best match them with stained timber colors.

Scandi & Coastal Styles

If you love the bright and airy vibes of the Scandi or Coastal look, go for light tone timber stains. You can even dilute your natural Prooftint™ stain colors with Feast Watson Prooftint™ Colour Reducer for even lighter shades.
For a truly dreamy pastel palette, consider Clay (Prooftint™ Maple with Liming White), Pecan (Prooftint™ Teak Brown and Liming White), or Almond (Prooftint™ Oak and Liming White) colours by mixing Prooftint™ with Feast Watson Liming White. This soft, light, solvent-based stain doesn't hide the beauty of the natural grain and opens up a whole range of possibilities. In combination with a soft white hue paint like Dulux Charmed White, you're ensuring effortless style.

Scandi or Coastal Style Homes

Mid-Century Modern & Post-War Styles

For those embracing the Mid-Century Modern or Post-War aesthetic, choose mid-tone timber stains like Prooftint™ in Brown Japan or Walnut. These warm hues seamlessly blend with the large living spaces, wooden features, and bold pops of color that define this style.
Combine them with a backdrop of Dulux Natural White™ paint, and you'll create an inviting and timeless atmosphere.

Mid-Century Modern & Post War Style

Traditional & Heritage Styles

Traditional or Heritage homes are all about elegance and sophistication. To enhance the ornate details and timber features, opt for Prooftint™ in Jarrah or Mahogany colors. Jarrah is a rich and warm reddish-brown shade, while Mahogany offers a deep and luxurious brown hue. Both stains bring out the natural grain and depth of timber, adding a timeless charm to your space.
Pair them with a soft and creamy off-white shade of paint, such as Dulux Antique White U.S.A.®, to allow your timber features to shine while maintaining a classic feel.

Traditional & Heritage Style

Contemporary & Modern Styles

Lastly, for those with a Contemporary or Modern style home, sleek and minimalistic design is key. These spaces often feature large, open-plan layouts that create an airy atmosphere. Choose Prooftint™ in Black Japan or Black to add a touch of sophistication and drama with deep, rich hues.
When it comes to pairing timber stains with paint colors, consider light and neutral shades like Dulux Lexicon® Quarter or Dulux White on White™. These clean backdrops will allow your furniture and architectural elements to take center stage.

Contemporary & Modern Style

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