Liming White Stain

Liming White
Bring light, calm and space to your home with Feast Watson Liming White Stain. 
Whether you’re looking to create the feeling of minimalist tranquility or a blank canvas to set against your own maximalist style, our oil-based, white-wash stain can be applied to your opacity of choice to create the flooring of your dreams or update other interior timber.
Select timber
Number of coats

Where to use

All interior timber furniture and accessories. Ideal for small craft or decoupage projects, and highly recommended for interior timber benches and table tops. Suitable as an embedding or casting medium,



Coverage rate

12m² per litre

Number of coats

Bare Timber: 1

Recoat time

Wipe off 1- 5 minutes after application. Add top coat after 8 hours

Dry time

24 hours

Clean up

Mineral Turpentine. Soak application cloths in water prior to disposal.



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Liming White

How to prepare your timber for Feast Watson Liming White Stain:

Okay, let's achieve these colour dreams!

New Timber How to prepare New Timber:

  1. Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating.

  2. To achieve a super-smooth finish, or if the timber grain is open or coarse, apply a coat of Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and sand back as per the directions.

Note: For soft porous timbers such as Pine, Meranti and Cedar, seal with Feast Watson Timber Primer to ensure even absorption into the timber.

Previously Coated Timber How to prepare Previously Coated Timber:

  1. If your timber has been previously coated, you need to sand back to bare timber to ensure the best results.

  2. Remember to remove all sanding dust before coating!

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