Enrich your deck with Traditional Timber Oil

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A timber deck is an attractive addition to any home, creating a versatile space where relaxation meets nature. The charm of a timber deck extends beyond its look, it also offers space for outdoor activities, including the serenity of an outdoor shower. @michaelandcarlene, embraced this concept and set out to rejuvenate their weathered deck and integrate an elegant outdoor shower, choosing to coat the timber the traditional way and achieve a classic oiled deck look, with Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil.
Michael and Carlene chose Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil in Natural for its promise of durability against the effects of weather and mould, and its ability to enhance the timber's natural look. A coat of our penetrating decking oil preserves the deck's integrity and ensures it can be enjoyed for many seasons to come. Plus with a 1 hour recoat time, you don't have to wait long to see the results. Meaning a traditional finish is easier and quicker than ever before.
Read on to discover the step-by-step process for how they achieved this look with our classic decking oil, proving that beauty and durability can indeed go hand-in-hand.

Deck coated in Traditional Timber Oil

What you'll need

Traditional Timber Oil
Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil
Feast Watson Woodclean
Feast Watson Woodclean™
Stiff bristle brush
Applicator brush or pad
Paint Brush
Safety gear (Protective Glasses, Clothing, Ear coverings and a mask)

First, prep the timber

  1. Proper preparation is key to achieving a smooth, even finish!
  2. Allow new bare timber to weather for 4-6 weeks to help remove any tannins from the timber.
  3. Clean weathered timber with Feast Watson Woodclean to remove oils, mould, stains and tannins, creating a clean slate for your coating project.

Enrich with Feast Watson

  1. Stir Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil thoroughly before and during application. Take care to avoid introducing any bubbles.
  2. Apply your first coat of Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil along the lengths of the timber boards, working along 3-4 boards at a time. 
  3. Let the oil penetrate the timber for 30 minutes before wiping off any excess product with a dry applicator or cloth before your timber becomes tacky.
  4. Let your timber dry for another 60 minutes.

Timber decking coated in Traditional Timber Oil

Time for additional coats

  1. Apply a second coat as above. If your deck has full sun exposure, surrounds a pool or is in humid areas, we recommend applying a third coat for extra protection. 
  2. Leave to dry for 18 hours.
Michael and Carlene's deck rejuvenation project stands as a testament to the power of a little TLC. Find your nearest stockist and enrich your exterior timber with a traditional look.

Outdoor shower

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