Liming white

Liming White

Liming White Wall Panel

They say white is a great base, but who says it can’t be a perfect finish too? Liming White is the key to achieving a dream minimal aesthetic, or the super chic finishing touch to a new fresh, bright look. 

White and whitewashed boards can either lend a space a rustic, coastal vibe, or they can suit the Scandi-style loving minimalist. Walls, flooring, old furniture, new furniture, pinks, greens and blues – they all look marvellous with Liming White. 

Liming White on timber flooring

White wood floorboards are the perfect solution if you’re looking to achieve a minimal aesthetic that’s cool, clean and on-trend. Whitened timber floors provide a refreshing blank canvas to work upon that easily compliments many colour schemes. It’s also a visually distinct way to make a room look bigger and brighter. 

Liming White on timber wall panelling

Liming White adds a soft sophistication to any room. No matter if it’s a breezy beach vibe or French country charm, interior timber walls bring an additional layer of natural texture to a room. This is why it makes such a perfect choice for indoor spaces, such as lounge rooms, bedrooms and communal spaces. And if the room has limited furnishings about, white timber walls can also help highlight the other natural textures and colours of decor in the space. 

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