7 tips for achieving the perfect finish when oiling your deck

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How to achieve a perfect finish when oiling your deck

Enrich your outdoor space with the timeless beauty of timber using one of our Feast Watson exterior decking oils. Feast Watson products are specially designed to achieve a stylish finish while protecting against the damaging effects of weather. In this article, we'll provide 7 essential tips to help you achieve a classic and long-lasting finish for your timber decking.

Tip 1: Choose your ideal colour, product and size: Feast Watson decking range comes in many different varieties, looks and options. We have water-based and oil-based coating options. Stylish coatings that give specific and specialised looks, such as Matt Look and Wet Look, and a wide range of beautiful on-trend colours: Natural, Merbau, Weathered Grey and Black Japan. Some of our products can also be tinted, so speak to your paint counter for our full range or check out our decking product range. Additionally, our products are available in sizes ranging from 10L to 4L and convenient 250ml sizes, allowing you to easily sample colours or tackle more minor projects.

Tip 2: Proper preparation is important Once you have selected your colour and product to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting finish, it's best to start with a nice, clean surface. We recommend using Feast Watson Woodclean™. This powerful formula helps remove oils and dirt that may affect how your coating performs. Sweep the surface clean and thoroughly wet it down with water. Dilute Woodclean™ in water, mix it thoroughly and scrub the surface vigorously with a stiff bristle brush. Rinse away with high-pressure water and allow the timber to dry completely before applying your decking oil.

Tip 3: Sanding for a smooth surface: Depending on the condition of your timber, sanding may be required to remove stubborn stains or restore deteriorated surfaces. For light sand, which is suitable for a super smooth finish underfoot, we recommend Cabot's Deck Sander for an easy-to-use pole sander. Sanding may not be necessary for all decks, so please assess your timber, or if you are unsure, feel free to chat with one of our woodcare assistants via our live chat on the website.

Tip 4: Stirring: Our Feast Watson decking oil products often contain colour pigment to help with the final finish, but also to protect against UV damage. This pigment can sometimes sit at the bottom of the can, so before and during use, it is important to make sure to stir your decking oils thoroughly with a flat blade stirrer following the directions on the pack. This will help achieve a consistent application and also importantly prevent the introduction of bubbles. Tip 5: Applying the first coat: Let the transformation begin! Make sure your deck is dry. Use a Feast Watson lambswool decking applicator, or a brush to apply the first coat. Make sure you run along 3 to 4 planks at a time, following the direction of the grain, this will avoid unsightly lap marks as you go along (it's important to plan your application so you don’t ‘paint’ yourself into the corner). Use a brush to cut in around the edges and be sure to seal the ends (end grain). Allow the oil to penetrate into the timber as per the directions. If you have selected Feast Watson Traditional Timber Oil, wait 30 to 60 minutes, then wipe away the excess with a dry applicator or cloth before the surface becomes tacky. Tip 6: The second coat: One coat may feel like enough, but the second coat is just as important if you want to ensure the timber is fully protected. Once the first coat has dried please consult the pack for the recoat time as time for our different decking products can differ. If our Traditional Timber Oil has been your choice, you are in luck, as this product offers a speedy 1 hour recoat! Tip 7: Enjoy the transformation: After following these steps, you'll witness the transformation of your outdoor space with the timeless beauty of our Feast Watson Decking Oils. Take a moment to appreciate the before and after shots of your freshly oiled deck. The stylish finishes and current on trend colours will highlight the character of your timber, creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere. Achieving the perfect finish for your deck is always within reach especially with the Feast Watson decking oil range. Following these 7 tips to transform your outdoor space whether it's decking, steps, fences, posts, gates, or beams, Feast Watson will have the right product to suit your needs.

Don't wait any longer, start your woodcare project this weekend and create an elegant and inviting outdoor space with Feast Watson's Decking Oil range.

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