Felicity Lea | Life in Colour

Felicity Lea | Life in Colour


Beautiful florals, and an abundance of colour and texture are key for Felicity Lea. The Melbourne-based floral designer, artist and founder of Creating Beautiful, treats the floral form as her muse.


Much like the art she creates, Felicity finds inspiration in nature's vibrant beauty. We sat
down and spoke about how a yearning for nature (something we can all relate to!) has
influenced both her current fashion and interior design choices.


Tell us what you consider the colour / trend of 2021?

I have two favourite colour trends which you see filtering through fashion and interiors.
The first one is all about green and yearning for that connection with nature. Tonal
shades of sage green whether it is a tracksuit or a kitchen are just heaven to me. The
other is your rich warm shades of brown from a really muted nude shade through to an
almost burnt orange caramel. Browns are very grounding and once again, give you the
notion of connecting with nature.


What are three things that are inspiring you right now?

I am always inspired by the beauty of nature, its organic natural forms, shapes and
most importantly nature's colours. I love finding some amazing furniture design pieces.
I love thinking about what the designer’s thought process was and what their
inspiration was to get to their final pieces. And texture of course, it literally could be
anything: the texture of cake frosting, an amazing rug texture or a raw hand made tile. I
love texture that draws you in to want to touch and feel, and I’m always looking to
create art pieces that have an abundance of texture.


Painting resting above a fireplace

Some of Felicity's stunning floral work.


What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working through my Fantasy art series which is super vibrant and
just a joyful riot of colour. It’s so uplifting and enjoyable to paint.


What’s your favourite space in your home? And why?

I’m going to have to say my bedroom, I have just recently updated it and have made it
a peaceful, recharging space and the only space in a house that I’m happy to have a
really neutral palette.


What influences your personal style and home / lifestyle?

I am obsessed with the 70s, the vibrance of that era and playfulness in their interiors. It
really embraces all of the key elements I love to play with: colour, texture, mood and
line play. My personal style at the moment is active wear like everyone else, but when I
get to dress up, I love dressing ultra-feminine in brands like Aje that are playful with
colour, puff sleeves and volume. My lifestyle is a mix of crazy with 2 little kids, relaxed
chill time mixed with a solid dose of fun!


Check out Felicity’s art below.