Reawaken originality using the unique structure of a contemporary-Vintage Chaise

Use the beautiful, original structure of an antique chaise and rediscover its potential and natural beauty by applying Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil, leaving you with a simple, elegant vintage chair.

How to get @danielle_symes’ look:

  1. Thrift a pre-loved chaise with plenty of potential.

  2. Sand all the timber elements of the chaise down to reveal the gorgeous natural

    timber grain.

  3. Use a rotary tool to get any remnants of paint or rust out of detailed or

    hard-to-reach areas. Don’t forget to remove any sanding dust before coating.

  4. Check that your chaise can support your weight without sagging. If necessary,

    reinforce the base of your chaise.

  5. Thoroughly stir Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil with a flat blade stirrer, taking

    care not to introduce any bubbles.

  6. Apply one coat of Scandinavian Oil with a saturated cloth or pad to protect the

    timber and preserve its natural grain. Tip: If you want to apply Scandinavian Oil with a brush, ensure that you work the oil into the chaise with a clean cloth after application.

  7. Allow to dry, and enjoy relaxing on your newly revitalised chaise!

Original chaise