Timber & Deck Stain

Feeling like a colour change or want to bring your old, weathered timber back to life?

The Timber and Deck Stain will achieve a rich colour and subtle sheen to your timber, providing a new and modern look to your timber and outdoor area.

Containing a rich oil formula, your timber will be protected from the destructive effects of water, UV and mould. With our deck and wood stain, you can enjoy your stunning timber without the worry about cracking, peeling or blistering - just stunning, luxurious and rich timber.

You can pick your perfect match for your colour scheme and transform your deck with our beautiful rich colours: Grey Mountain Ash, Black Japan, European Oak, Swan River Jarrah and Tasmania Merbau.

For an extra luxurious look, coat your timber with the Clear Varnish (interior) or Weatherproof Varnish (exterior) for a satin or gloss finish.


All interior timber furniture and accessories. Ideal for small craft or decoupage projects, and highly recommended for interior timber benches and table tops. Suitable as an embedding or casting medium,

MIX RATIO (optional)

Add up to 2% Feast Waston Prooftint when mixing RESIN and HARDENER (Step 2)


Full curing after 7 days, light use after 36 hours, touch dry 24 hours


Epoxy Thinners

Sizes available: 0.5m2 Kit, 1m2 Kit

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