Stain & Varnish

True beauty is all about enhancing what’s underneath, not hiding it. Feast Watson Stain & Varnish adopts the same mantra.
Ideal for updating your beloved interior timber pieces while highlighting  the personality of your timber’s grain. Our range of mouth-wateringly stylish wood stain colours are the perfect anchor for a room, yet subtle enough that they won’t overwhelm the space.
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Number of coats

Where to use

All interior woodwork including furniture, cabinetry, trim, window frames, skirting boards, doors, paneling, architrave, toys etc



Coverage rate

10m² per litre

Number of coats

Up to 3 coats

Recoat time

Recoat after 12 hours

Dry time

Touch Dry 8 hours

Clean up

Mineral Turpentine Clean up


250ml, 1L

You may also need

Timber and Deck Oil Water Repellent
Feast Watson Water Repellent Timber & Deck Oil

How to prepare your timber for Feast Watson Stain and Varnish:

Before you get coating, let's prep!

New Timber How to prepare new timber:

  1. Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating.

  2. To achieve a super-smooth finish, or if the timber grain is open or coarse, apply a coat of Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and sand back as per the label instructions.

  3. For naturally oily timbers, seal the timber with Feast Watson Proofseal as per the label instructions prior to application.

Previously Coated Timber: How to prepare previously coated timber:

  1. Previously varnished surfaces need to be sanded to a dull finish.

  2. Remember to remove all sanding dust before coating!

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