Glass Finish

Clear Gloss
High-gloss, high-drama. This is an epoxy resin for timber with a difference.
Just one coat of Feast Watson Glass Finish creates a stunning, high-gloss finish to furniture and timber equivalent to 60 coats of traditional varnish.
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Where to use

All interior timber furniture and accessories. Ideal for small craft or decoupage projects, and highly recommended for interior timber benches and table tops. Suitable as an embedding or casting medium.



Number of coats

1 Coat

Dry time

Touch dry 24 hours

Clean up

Epoxy Thinners


0.5m² Kit, 1m² Kit

You may also need

Furniture Polish
Feast Watson Furniture Polish

How to prepare your timber for Feast Watson Glass Finish:

Before you get started:

  1. Ensure your surface is dry and free from dust, grease, wax or oil.

  2. Ensure the surface is level.

How to set up your work area:

  1. The surface should be elevated from the work area about 2 inches to allow the coating to drip freely off the sides of the item being coated.

  2. Place aluminium, plastic sheeting, wax paper underneath the item being coated to catch drips.

  3. Use tape to cover areas that you do not want coated.

  4. We recommend sealing the surface with a suitable sealer before applying Glass Finish.

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