Furniture Polish

Help your timber reach its full potential with Feast Watson Furniture Polish.
Designed to enhance the individual beauty of your timber, not hide it, our Furniture Polish helps restore wooden pieces to their original glory. No shrinking violets or wallflowers here – let your furniture take centre stage with a classic polish and shine.
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Where to use

Coated interior timber furniture. NOT suitable for uncoated timber


Satin - Gloss Can be buffed to a higher gloss

Number of coats

1 Coat

Recoat time

1 hour

Dry time

24 hours

Clean up

Warm Water & Soap



You may also need

Sanding Sealer
Feast Watson Sanding Sealer

How to prepare my timber for Feast Watson Furniture Polish:

Bare Timber

Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for uncoated timber.

Previously Coated Timber How to prepare Previously Coated Timber:

  1. Surface must be clean and dry.

  2. Clean coated timber with Feast Watson Floor Clean and allow to thoroughly dry.

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