Timber Floor Paint

Go bold and transform your floor with a brand-new shade. Transform your space with our stunningly opaque colour range.
Feast Watson Floor Paint gives your home a design overhaul without ripping anything down or pulling anything up.
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Number of coats

Where to use

New and existing interior timber, cork and parquetry floors



Coverage rate

8m² per Litre

Number of coats

Bare Timber: 3

Recoat time

Recoat after 2 hours

Dry time

Light Foot Traffic - 24 hours Normal Traffic - 72 hours Full Curing after 7 days

Clean up

Water Clean Up



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How to prepare your timber for Timber Floor Paint:

Here we go!

New Timber/Cork How to prepare new or bare timber/cork:

  1. Punch exposed nails below the surface. If you have any holes and imperfections, they should be filled with timber putty.

  2. Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Remember to vacuum and wipe to remove any sanding dust.

Cork: Prepare uncoated cork tiles in accordance with the supplier's recommendation.

Timber: For best results, seal uncoated or tannin rich timber with Feast Watson Proofseal and allow to dry thoroughly before applying Timber Floor Paint.

Previously Coated Timber How to prepare previously coated timber:

  1. Sand back your coated surface back to bare timber.

  2. Remember to remove all sanding dust before coating!

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