Paving & Sandstone Sealer

Please note, this product has been discontinued.
Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to protecting stone surfaces? Feast Watson Paving & Sandstone Sealer has you covered.

Where to use

Sandstone floors/pavers, stamped concrete, concrete and masonry pavers, brick.



Coverage rate

8m² per Litre

Number of coats

2 Coats

Recoat time

2 hours

Dry time

8 hours

Clean up



1L, 4L, 10L

You may also need

Slate & Pebble Sealer™
Feast Watson Slate & Pebble Sealer™

How to prepare your surface for Feast Watson Paving and Sandstone Sealer:

Preparation is key!

  1. Ensure your surface is thoroughly clean and free from oil, grease, dirt and moss prior to applying.

  2. Clean the surface with Feast Watson Floorclean as per the product instructions.

For new concrete and aggregate pebbles:

  1. Allow the surface to cure for approximately 28 days. Then, treat surface with a 10% solution (dilute) of Hydrochloric Acid.

  2. Apply Hydrochloric Acid using a brush or mop, allowing the acid to remain on the surface for 15 minutes, then flushing off with clean water.

  3. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying Paving & Sandstone Sealer.

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