Matt Look Decking Oil

A deck is an extension of your home and a space to take pride in.
If your deck needs a little TLC, a quick re-oil with Feast Watson Matt Look Decking Oil can make the world of difference.
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Number of coats

Where to use

Decking, timber walkways, outdoor furniture, pergolas, steps, rails, fences, gates and all other exterior timber.

Coverage rate

8m² per Litre

Number of coats

Bare Timber: 2

Recoat time

Recoat after 4 hours

Dry time

Light foot traffic -12 hours. Full curing 7 days.

Clean up

Water Washup

You may also need

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Feast Watson Wet Look Decking Oil
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How to prepare your deck for Matt Look Decking Oil:

Proper preparation is key to achieving the best finish!

New Timber How to prepare New Timber:

  1. To coat your new timber immediately, use Intergrain® UltraPrep Tannin and Oil Remover. Then, use Feast Watson Woodclean™ to remove any dirt, oils or contaminants. This way you will get the absolute best result from the Matt Look Deck Oil.

  2. Alternatively, allow your new timber to weather for 4 - 6 weeks before applying. If you have a rich-coloured timber, hose it down regularly to release tannins from the timber.

  3. If you have pine decking, leave this to weather for 2 weeks before you coat with oil.

Weathered Timber How to prepare Weathered Timber:

  1. Make sure to clean your deck with Feast Watson Woodclean to ensure a blank canvas for your new masterpiece. No dirt or mould is welcome here!

  2. If you notice any stains or deteroriation, we recommend sanding the surface.

  3. Remember to remove all sanding dust before beginning application!

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