Geneva Vanderzeil's DIY Upcycled Bobbin Table

Give new life to a well-loved piece with Prooftint

Geneva Vanderzeil's passion for breathing new life into forgotten treasures is inspiring. She recently set her sights on an old, weathered bobbin table she stumbled upon during one of her treasure hunts. With its history and unique charm, the piece sparked her creative curiosity. And so, the journey to upcycle the bobbin table began.
Continue reading to find out how @genevavanderzeil used our Prooftint woodstain in Old Baltic to upcycle this bobbin table, and see how you can apply the same process to your own outdated piece.

What you'll need

Intergrain Timber Stripper 1L
Intergrain Timber Stripper
Wire brush
woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™
Old Baltic
Clear Varnish
Feast Watson Clear Varnish
Timber round panel
Wire brush attachment for drill
Paint Brush

Prepare & repair

  1. Remove the previous coating using timber stripper and a wire brush. For stubborn, existing coatings use a wire brush drill attachment. Be careful to not scratch the timber. 
  2. DIY projects can come with surprises and in this instance, the table top was beyond repair. To create a new top, first remove the original one. Then use a timber round panel and cut it using a circular saw to recreate the hexagon shape.
  3. For a smooth, even finish, sand the whole piece with 240 grit sandpaper. Geneva's hack! Cover the back of a piece of sandpaper with electrical tape then cut the sandpaper into long strips. The thin strips mean you can get into the little details of the piece.
  4. Another surprise - one of the legs broke off! Reattach the leg by drilling 19mm holes in the base and the leg, then use dowel and wood glue to put them back together.

Bobbin Table Repair

Time to stain and varnish!

  1. Coat the entire piece using Prooftint in Old Baltic. Applying with a cloth or piece of foam will help to get into the tighter spots. 
  2. Once dry, apply Clear Varnish in Satin to ensure lasting protection and a fully developed colour.
  3. Lastly, screw the top onto the bottom.

Feast Watson Prooftint and Clear Varnish

Vintage treasure

Just like that a dated piece is transformed into a vintage treasure! View our range of  woodstain colours and find the perfect colour for your upcycling project.

Upcycled bobbin side table

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