Turn clutter into cash

By upcycling well-loved timber pieces!

Upcycling is all the rage right now. From Pinterest to your neighbour's place, everyone's changing furniture from shabby to chic. Upcycling is an easy way to fuel creativity and make extra cash, but it means more than that. With every coffee table or bookshelf saved from landfill, the planet’s cleaner, and your home’s more beautiful.
Let's dive deeper into the money-making magic of upcycling!

Turn Clutter Into Cash

Timber wastage & your sustainable footprint

Each year, around 200,000 tonnes of wooden furniture enters Australian landfill. It's easy to throw away timber pieces that are old or don't match our style anymore, but every time we do, we're contributing to a huge timber wastage problem. When we upcycle, we save more of Earth's resources, by reducing fossil fuel burning to create new materials. This, paired with saving timber from landfills, means you’re reducing your carbon footprint. If you didn't know, your carbon footprint is the ecological mark you leave on the planet, through the actions you take. So let’s take good ones!

Timber wastage & your sustainable footprint

A side hustle during the cost of living crisis

As the cost of living rises, everyday Australians are making upcycling their side hustle. Not only is it a fantastic way to get creative, but it turns clutter into cash. Just think about it: that outdated drawer you want to throw away, could be refreshed and sold at an attractive price. Or, you could save hundreds - if not thousands - by revamping your kitchen or bedside table instead of buying brand new.
When was the last time you rolled up your sleeves and gave into your creativity? That's the gift of DIY, while giving you the potential to make money. It's a win-win!

Applying Feast Watson Prooftint to Geneva Vanderzeil's wabi-sabi rustic stool.

Online marketplaces and op shops are booming in popularity

Why buy new, when you can buy old? We know what you’re thinking: why would I do that? For the perfect, money-making reason!
The rise of online marketplaces, from Facebook to Etsy, and op shops popping up everywhere, makes way for two things. One, it provides a place for you to sell or give away furniture. And two, it gives you endless upcycling projects!
Just look online or at your local op shop, and you’ll find old furniture galore, cheaply up for grabs. This is your opportunity to get inspired and work that side hustle. When you sell your upcycled furniture, offers will come pouring in for its uniqueness. If you don’t keep it for yourself, of course!

Cabinet in Feast Watson Prooftint Black Japan

You don't need to be a DIY expert

DIY can be daunting at first, when it seems everyone's a master designer or builder. But the fun of DIY is that anyone can do it. All you need is materials and motivation.
You don't need to build something new or have a Bunnings in your backyard. You can transform something simple into something amazing without even breaking a sweat. Have some dated bedside tables laying around? We have a project to inspire you. Has your wooden chopping board seen better days? We can help you revitalise it. Had your eye on a well-loved piece on Facebook marketplace? Follow Geneva Zanderzeil’s lead and transform it with Prooftint.

Geneva Vanderzeil applying Prooftint stain to a vintage cabinet

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