Dot + Pop's tips to refreshing your outdoor timber furniture

Get your outdoor timber furniture looking like new again

Summer has arrived - which means that it's time to dust off and refresh your outdoor furniture ready to enjoy again! Our outdoor furniture lives outside and over winter it has developed some mould and stains on the surface of the timber that gets most of the direct weather. To breathe new life back into the furniture I used Feast Watson Woodclean and Outdoor Furniture Oil in Clear.
Woodclean is a powerful, oxalic acid-based formula that helps remove oils, mould, stains and tannins from new and weathered timber to create a clean slate for your restoration journey.
Outdoor Furniture Oil is made to protect your outdoor furniture against all that nature has to throw at it. Its protective, penetrating formula with added eucalyptus oil is the best defence against the elements.

Dot + Pop's tips to refreshing outdoor timber furniture

What you'll need

Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil
Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil
Feast Watson Woodclean
Feast Watson Woodclean™
Stiff bristle brush

Preparing with Woodclean™

1. Sweep down your surface and thoroughly wet down with water.
2. Dilute Woodclean™ in water by mixing 1 part Woodclean™ to 4 parts water. Make sure to stir your diluted mixture thoroughly!
3. Using a stiff bristle brush or broom, apply Woodclean™ to dampened timber and scrub surface vigorously.
4. Allow the Woodclean™ solution to penetrate the surface for 20 minutes.
5. After 20 minutes have elapsed, rinse with high-pressure water.
6. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying any further products.

Dot + Pop outdoor furniture before Woodclean™ and Outdoor Timber Oil

Protecting with Outdoor Furniture Oil

7. Make sure your Outdoor Furniture Oil is thoroughly stirred both before and during application, to ensure a uniform colour. (If you require more than one can, mix them together in one large container before starting work.)
8. Using a quality brush, apply your first coat. Work in sections, in the direction of the grain. Remember to ensure your edges and end grain are fully coated! If you are using a spray, remember to back brush to ensure even penetration.
9. Go make yourself a coffee and allow the oil to penetrate.
10. Once you have had your coffee, remove any excess oil with a brush or clean cloth.
11. Leave to dry for 12 hours before the second coat.

Dot + Pop outdoor furniture after

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