Refresh Your Planter Boxes With Feast Watson Wood Shield™

Refresh Your Planter Boxes With Feast Watson Wood Shield™

Give your planter boxes a new lease on life while protecting the timber from the sun’s rays. With 4 Wood Shield™ colours to choose from, you’re bound to find one to suit your garden, porch or patio.

Refresh your planter boxes

What you'll need

Wood Shield™
Feast Watson Wood Shield™
Paint Brush
Clean rags
Safety gear (Protective Glasses, Clothing, Ear coverings and a mask)

Prepare Your Planter Box

New Timber
Allow your new timber to weather in its final position for 4-6 weeks. Prepare and clean your timber for coating with Feast Watson Woodclean™ following the label instructions.
Weathered Timber
Using Feast Watson Woodclean™, prepare and clean your grey or weathered timber following the surface instructions. For severely weathered timber, sand surface to bare before cleaning.
Previously Coated Timber
If your timber is coated with a stain or oil, it can be coated with Feast Watson Wood Shield™ after the surface has weathered.
Test if the surface is ready by sprinkling water onto the timber:
1. If the water absorbs into the timber, you’re good to go!
2. If the water beads, further weathering then sanding or stripping is needed.
3. Painted or varnished surfaces need to be taken back to bare timber by stripping or sanding.


How To Add Beautiful Colour And Protection

1. Ensure your timber is completely dry.
2. Stir Feast Watson Wood Shield™ thoroughly with a flat blade stirrer. Avoid introducing any bubbles as you work.
3. Apply your first coat of Feast Watson Wood Shield™ using a brush, roller or spray. If using a roller or spray, remember to backbrush the coating to ensure even penetration.
4. Work in the direction of the grain, ensuring edges and end grain are fully coated.
5. Allow the first coat to soak into the timber before applying any additional coats. Your first coat does not need to fully dry before applying further coats.
6. After a minimum of 2 coats, leave to dry completely (6 hours).
7. Once dry, fill with soil and plant your favourite seedlings!


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