Outdoor Table Upcycle with Geneva Vanderzeil

Transform an outdoor table, ready for the entertaining season with Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain

In the spirit of entertaining season, there's no better time to embark on a project that not only breathes new life into a well-loved outdoor setting but also serves as a heartfelt gift for those dear to us. Geneva Vanderzeil upcycled an outdoor dining setting with our Timber & Deck Stain in European Oak to create the perfect gift for her parents.
Stripping back the layers upon layers of paint revealed some beautiful timber underneath which she prepped with our Woodclean followed by a few coats of our exterior timber stain. The result? A thoughtful gift that will be cherished and used to make memories for many years to come. Read on to learn how you can do the same.

Geneva Vanderzeil with upcycled outdoor timber table

What you'll need

timber deck stain
Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain
European Oak
Feast Watson Woodclean
Feast Watson Woodclean™
Intergrain Timber Stripper 1L
Intergrain Timber Stripper
Stiff bristle brush
Electric Sander
Paint Brush
Safety gear (Protective Glasses, Clothing, Ear coverings and a mask)

Strip and clean

  1. Remove the existing layers of paint by applying a timber stripper. 
  2. Sand the timber with 240 grit sandpaper using the electric sander for a smooth surface.
  3. Dilute 1 part Woodclean to 4 parts water. Use a stiff bristle brush to apply the solution to dampened timber and scrub the surface vigorously.
  4. Leave for 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

Stripping and cleaning an outdoor timber table

Add some colour

  1. Thoroughly stir the Timber and Deck Stain with a flat blade stirrer.
  2. Using a brush, evenly coat the timber following the direction of the timber's grain. 
  3. Apply 2 more coats, allowing 12 hours to dry between each.
  4. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Upcycling an outdoor table with Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain

And that's it!

A stunning outdoor setting to gift to your loved ones, or you may find you like it too much to part with. Check out the colour range for our Timber & Deck Stain and get started on your upcycling project.
If you’re looking to refresh your existing outdoor furniture while retaining its look, reach for our Outdoor Furniture Oil. It's specially designed with added eucalyptus oil to protect the timber from the elements. The range of classic, enriching colours - Clear, Hardwood, Jarrah, Teak or Weathered Grey - will impart a beautiful matt finish to your pieces.

Upcycled outdoor table

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