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@TheStyleHosts' tips for refreshing your outdoor timber table

Sharing a meal with loved ones, garden picnics, card games around the coffee table and barbeques — some of the best stories are created around our furniture. Taking the time to transform, restyle and revamp an old and tired piece means these stories can live on.
With some patience, imagination and our Timber & Deck Stain in Grey Mountain Ash, @thestylehosts refreshed this preloved outdoor table to create a beautiful, timeless piece for their home. Our Timber & Deck Stain revitalises the timber, highlighting its natural beauty, warmth and character. This rich, luxurious stain also protects the wood from the effects of water, UV and mould so that memories made are forever preserved.
Here's how to get @thestylehosts' look:

How-to refresh your outdoor timber table with @thestylehosts

What you'll need

timber deck stain
Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain
Feast Watson Woodclean
Feast Watson Woodclean™


1. Thrift a preloved outdoor table that looks to have upcycle potential, or you may already have a piece in need of some TLC at home.
2. Sand back any previous coatings to reveal the timber's natural beauty. Wipe off any dust.
3. Prepare the timber for its refresh. Dilute Woodclean (11 part Woodclean to 4 parts water) and make sure to stir well. Wet your outdoor table thoroughly with water and apply Woodclean. Give it a scrub, allow it to penetrate for 20 minutes and rinse well.

Before shot of The Style Hosts' outdoor timber table refresh project


4. Once dry, stir your tin of Timber & Deck Stain in Grey Mountain Ash, ensuring the mix is bubble-free.
5. Use a brush to apply the stain to your table, working in the same direction as the grain. Timber & Deck Stain can give a rich colour and subtle sheen to more than just your outdoor table! Try it on your exterior or interior doors, windows and decks, too.
6. Wait 12 hours for the first coat to dry before applying coat number 2. Two coats will change and enrich the colour of your timber whilst still allowing the wood's natural grain to shine through.

The Style Hosts applying Timber & Deck Stain on an outdoor timber table

The finishing touches

7. Invite your friends and family over and create some more amazing memories.

After shot of The Style Hosts' outdoor timber table refresh

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