Life in Colour with Rochelle Morris

Meet Rochelle Morris of Nudge Interiors

Rochelle Morris is passionate about transforming the design dreams of her clients into reality. As the founder of interior design studio Nudge Interiors, she focusses on a considered approach to home design, creating spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the owner. She's "the gentle 'Nudge' you need to turn your space from 'blah', to one with soul."
We spoke to Rochelle about her love for colour and why she's inspired by a more mindful design approach.

Life in Colour with Rochelle Morris

1. Tell us what design trend of 2022 you're loving at the moment.

I am loving seeing more colour being brought into our interiors as people become a little more adventurous and move away from grey, grey, grey, or all white interiors. I have always loved colour, so this really excites me. I am also loving the unexpected colour combinations like deep red with powder blue, or forest green with lilac it's so joyful and refreshing.

Nudge Interiors styled bathroom

2. What are three things that are inspiring you right now?

1. Our local furniture makers. We have some incredibly talented designers and makers right here in Melbourne. I have discovered so many truly original pieces and talented craftspeople here who I love supporting at any opportunity. I have found myself getting completely distracted watching reels on timber table legs being turned, or dovetail joins being put together seamlessly at times.
2. A more mindful approach to building and renovating. Projects have been forced to slow down and costs are going up, so we now have the chance to stop and consider what we really need vs what we are told we need. I am also inspired by the incredible homes being built with a huge focus on sustainability. These homes not only reduce heating and cooling requirements but are clever in their material selections and they look great too, proving sustainable design does not come at a cost to the design aesthetics.
3. Fashion. The colours, patterns and textures - it really is an art pulling it all together. I love that what we wear can really showcase our personality, and likewise, I believe our homes should also be a reflection of our personalities and lifestyle.

Nudge Interiors styled bedroom

3. What are you working on at the moment?

I love the variety of projects I get to work on, and right now is no different. I have a kitchen and bathroom renovation project about to begin construction, and a couple of projects currently in the ordering and installing phase as we bring in the new furniture and decorative pieces for their new homes.

Nudge Interiors styled kitchen

4. What's your favourite space in your home? And why?

Believe it or not, my design studio. It’s probably also the most complete space in our house currently, as we have been holding off on updating furniture until we find our long term Melbourne home. In my studio I have invested in 3 key pieces that I love - my desk, upholstered desk chair and a large cabinet where I store all of my product samples. All three are simple in form, and have beautiful detailing and texture which is very me. I also have a number of original art pieces hanging on the wall, that all have a special story behind them making my studio a joy to work in.

Rochelle Morris

5. What influences your personal style and home / lifestyle?

I have always been drawn to things that are unique, and will always opt for one-off pieces over mass produced items where I can. We live a pretty laid back lifestyle, and love being surrounded by colour and pattern. I appreciate the simplicity of a minimal aesthetic, but with a decent splash of colour, pattern or texture. A lot of furniture items on my wishlist are incredible mid century pieces, or of a similar aesthetic.

Nudge Interiors styled kitchen

6. Why do you love to incorporate timber when designing?

Timber brings a texture and warmth to any space that no other material can quite match. The ability to strip back and re-stain for a completely different look and colour gives timber furniture and joinery longevity and versatility too.
Find Rochelle's incredible spaces:

Life in Colour with Rochelle Morris

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