How to weatherproof outdoor furniture

Geneva Vanderzeil restores some beachy lounge chairs

As the weather begins to warm and the days become longer, it's the perfect time to give the timber pieces in your outdoor living spaces some TLC. Whether it's a well-loved piece you've had for years, or a Facebook Marketplace/curbside find, the process to transform your timber is simple. Geneva Vanderzeil recently restored life to a pair of neglected beach lounge chairs using our Weatherproof Varnish to impart an elegant, satin sheen and give maximum UV and weather protection. The result? An inviting spot for sunset drinks and cosy chats. Want to find out how she did it and how you can weatherproof outdoor furniture? Continue reading.

What you'll need

Feast Watson Weatherproof™ Varnish
Feast Watson Woodclean
Feast Watson Woodclean™
Pressure washer
Electric Sander
Paint Brush

Start with a good clean and sand

  1. Remove any fabric elements from the chairs.
  2. Thoroughly clean the timber with a power washer to remove any dirt. For the best result, we recommend preparing the timber with our Woodclean to help remove oils, mould, stains and tannins. Allow to dry. 
  3. Sand the timber with 240 grit sandpaper using the electric sander for a smooth surface.
  4. Make sure to wipe away any sanding dust before you coat.

Preparing timber surface of outdoor chairs

Enhance their beauty and protect them from the elements

  1. Thoroughly stir Weatherproof Varnish before and during application. 
  2. Using a brush, coat the timber with Weatherproof Varnish. 
  3. Make sure to apply a minimum of three coats, allowing 12 hours to dry between each coat. 
  4. Replace the fabric elements with either the original (after a good clean!) or something bespoke.
We told you it was simple! Protecting your outdoor furniture is the best way to keep it looking better for longer, and to extend its life. Check out our Weatherproof Varnish and refresh your timber this weekend.

Applying Feast Watson Weatherproof to outdoor chairs

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