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Welcome to our guide on how to sell your upcycled furniture with style and success. In this era of conscious consumption and personalised aesthetics, upcycled creations have gained popularity. So whether you've upcycled a piece with the intention of selling it, or you find you have no space to home your creation, this article will provide practical tips on taking captivating photos and finding the ideal platform to showcase your pieces. Let's dive in and discover how to elevate your upcycled furniture sales.

Turn Clutter Into Cash

Photo Ready

Capturing your piece in a way that will stand out amongst the other projects for sale requires a few considerations. Make it a production, your creation is a star that needs a stage, you are the director.
To ensure your piece is the focus, make sure to clear a space for it. Clean the area of clutter, dust and grime. The same goes for your upcycled piece. Make sure to give it a dust and tidy. If you really want your piece looking its best, our Furniture Polish will impart a beautiful shine.
Style your piece with anything that compliments the colours and textures of your project - a lamp, a pot plant or a coffee table book can do wonders. Allow the customer to imagine your piece in their home. How would they set it up? What could it go with? If your creativity isn't flowing, scrolling through Pinterest is a great place to start.
Lighting is key to guaranteeing your project shines bright. However, that doesn’t mean a big spotlight. Natural lighting is always the best option to allow your piece to highlight its own little perfections. Avoid direct sunlight as it will create shadows and glare that will distract from your creation. You may need to experiment with a few different angles and positions before you get the perfect shot.
When taking the image, use a smartphone with crisp camera quality to ensure that the focus captures the little details. Avoid applying filters as they lack the natural effect that attracts buyers. Trust your setup. After all, you are the creator and therefore know what’s best for your piece.

Selling Upcycled Furniture


Now that your piece is picture-perfect, you can begin selling. Facebook Marketplace or eBay can be easy and accessible platforms to sell your projects. 
  1. Upload your images: 3 to 4 images is optimal.
  2. Write a description: Provide information on your piece, the dimensions, and any unique features. 
  3. Set a competitive price: Research similar items to determine a fair and reasonable price.
  4. Check your messages regularly: Respond to inquiries and questions from interested buyers in a timely manner.
  5. Share on social media: Take advantage of your personal network by sharing your listing on your own Facebook profile or other relevant groups.
 In no time you'll have inquiries from buyers and your project will be sold! 
With these practical tips, you are ready to sell your upcycled furniture with confidence. Remember, each brushstroke and repair breathe new life into forgotten objects. Not only are you unleashing your creativity and running a nice side hustle, you're also helping to keep timber out of landfills. It's a win for you and the environment! Need some design inspiration? View our DIY projects!

Styling upcycled furniture for selling

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