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Relove a Scandi buffet with Jess and Izzie

Jess and Izzie are seasoned DIY pros that turn outdated furniture fabulous with a white-washed look. From laundry benches to smoothie stations, the duo know a thing or two about upcycling. In this project, the team takes on an old wooden cabinet originally found on Gumtree to create a modern, Scandi-style buffet.

Feast Watson Liming White Stain & Varnish

What you'll need

Timber Floor Stain & Varnish Liming White
Feast Watson Timber Floor Stain & Varnish Liming White
Liming White

Starting with a blank canvas

With a big makeover in mind, the girls started by first stripping the cabinet back to a blank canvas, removing the damaged top and then sanding every surface.

Relove a Scandi buffet

Feature doors

Jess and Izzie created a clad effect to each of the front doors by using strips of Porta Timber dowel. They fixed this to the original timber using nail glue, held in place with tape as it dried. Finished with a bit of filler and sanded smooth, the doors were ready for paint!

Feature doors

A few new additions

Jess’ vision for the buffet went beyond the existing framework — including a new top and exterior shelving for added style. To create a rounded edge for the external shelves and new cabinet top, Izzie traced around a plate before using a jigsaw to cut along the stencil. The team attached the shelves using pre-drilled holes, levels, screws and nail glue for extra security.

Time to stain

Using their favourite coastal-inspired wood finish, Feast Watson Liming White Stain & Varnish, Jess and Izzie varnished the doors, interior shelves, as well as the new exterior shelves and top of the cabinet. Add in a few styling items and the pair had themselves a stunning new feature piece for their home.

Relove a Scandi buffet

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