How to make your timber floors sparkle

Using Feast Watson Floor Clean

Quick! You've just discovered you're hosting the next family event at your house and your timber floors are in need of some attention. You look down at your once spotless timber floorboards and notice the dog has dragged their dirty paws over every inch of flooring, your kids have smudged multi colored crayons in the main walkway and, how did that mark get there? You need to clean them, fast!
Feast Watson Floor Clean is the perfect one-stop cleaning solution for your wooden floor finishes. It’s gentle enough to use as frequently as needed, but will also give your timber floors a much needed spruce-up. It's all-purpose, meaning you can use Floor Clean on most surfaces and it gives a great, streak-free shine. It cleans best on wooden floors that have been coated or stained, including on polyurethane and Tung-oil coatings. And, of course, it will give all your Feast Watson floor finishes a great clean, including Floorclear, Floorseal Oil, Tung Oil, Floor Paint, Black Japan Floor Finish and Liming White.
With a quality product like Floor Clean, you can rest assured that your precious timber floors won't be damaged by harmful chemicals. This all-round, neutral cleaning product will give your floors a fresh glow, bringing them back to life, without damaging them. Plus it's super easy to apply and takes no time to dry. Perfect for when you are caught off guard and need to clean your floors in a hurry.

Feast Watson Floor Clean

What you'll need

Floor Clean
Feast Watson Floor Clean


1. Prepare

Consider how much timber flooring you have to clean. A 1 litre pack of Floor Clean will clean 60m2 of timber flooring. For most homes, that means you'll get plenty of value out of one pack.
Grab your bucket and fill it with approx 4 litres of water. Then add 2 caps of Floor Clean. Use your mop to swish it around a bit, ensuring the Floor Clean is mixed into the water.

2. Get that sparkle

After moving away furniture and rugs from the area you wish to clean, apply a generous amount of the solution to your timber floors. Loosen any dirt and grime as needed while mopping. Floor Clean is a gentle, neutral cleaner, so apply as much as you need to get all that muck off.

3. Dry & admire

Allow 30 minutes of drying time. Once dry, you can admire the fresh, streak-free look of your timber floors. Hopefully you’ll notice them sparkling!
Because Floor Clean is neutral, you can re-apply if you feel you missed any spots. Its all-purpose nature means you can also clean your slate, laminate and linoleum, terrazzo and ceramic tiles at the same time. You'll be amazed at the difference a great quality, specialised product, like our Floor Clean can make to the cleanliness and longevity of your wooden floors. Your timber floors will be so clean, your family will be asking if you've had them recently redone.

Sparkling clean floors

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