How to create a scalloped bath tray

Find out how Geneva Vanderzeil created a luxurious bath tray with Prooftint and Clear Varnish

Need a pamper night in? We're with you! Create your very own bath tray and level up your nighttime routine. Not only is the timber tray a stunning addition to your bathroom, it will also hold your book, candle and tea while you relax. @genevavanderzeil used our Prooftint in Old Baltic and our Clear Varnish in Satin to enrich the timber with a stunning wood stain, that allows the natural grain to shine through. The clear varnish will preserve the colour and protect your bath tray from water splashes. Whether you want to impart a subtle tint or deepen the colour, Prooftint is the product for you. Each coat will enrich the colour, so if you'd prefer a lighter shade, dilute with Prooftint Colour Reducer. Ok, now that we've got you dreaming of a pamper night, read on to find out how Geneva created this bath tray.

What you'll need

woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™
Old Baltic
Clear Varnish
Feast Watson Clear Varnish
Timber in your desired size
Electric Sander
Cup & pencil for creating scalloped edges

Cut it

1.   Source a beautiful piece of timber the width of your bath to create the tray. Using a pencil, trace half circles onto the timber to create the scalloped edge. 
2.   Using a jigsaw, cut around the curves to create the shape.
3.   Sand the timber for a smooth surface.
4.   Screw 2 small pieces of timber to the underside of the tray to make it more secure when placed on the bath.

Clear varnish

Stain it

5. Now to stain! Put on your gloves, and using a brush or cloth, apply Prooftint in Old Baltic evenly over the timber, ensuring every spot is covered.
6. Allow the woodstain colour to penetrate the surface. This will take around 2-5 minutes. Evenly wipe off the excess with a clean, soft cloth.

woodstain colours

Seal it

7.   Once dry, seal with our Clear Varnish in Satin. This clear topcoat ensures lasting protection and fully develops the colour.
8.   Enjoy your next bath with your new addition or wrap it up for the perfect gift!
Your new curved bath tray will become the statement feature of any bathroom. Browse our diverse range of Prooftint stain colours and select the perfect match for your next project.

clear varnish

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