DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments | Get the Look

@extra.ordinary.home's elegant Christmas decorations

There's nothing more special than seeing your favourite Christmas decorations hanging on your tree. Whether they've been passed down, bought somewhere special, or lovingly made for you, they're a festive reminder of what this season is all about.
This year, adorn your tree with simple but stunning DIY wooden Christmas tree ornaments just like @extra.ordinary.home's – they make wonderful gifts, too!

@extra.ordinary.home's elegant DIY Christmas Tree ornaments

What you'll need

woodstain colours
Feast Watson Prooftint™
Timber Floor Wax
Feast Watson Timber Floor Wax
Paint Brush
Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to get @extra.ordinary.home's look

1. Paint each ornament with your chosen Prooftint colour.
2. Allow to dry and re-coat if desired.
3. Apply Timber Floor Wax for a long wearing matt finish.
4. Hang your ornaments when they're completely dry & enjoy!

@extra.ordinary.home's elegant DIY Christmas ornaments using Feast Watson Prooftint.

Make it timeless with Feast Watson

Instead of bulk-buying plastic baubles every year, these wooden Christmas tree ornaments will look elegant year after year and are kind to the environment.
Our Prooftint stains highlight the timber's natural grain while the Timber Floor Wax imparts a hard-wearing, long-lasting finish. You can even select tints to match the timber hues in your home, such as flooring and furniture.

@extra.ordinary.home’s elegant DIY Christmas ornaments using Prooftint.

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