Creating Contemporary Shelving With Feast Watson Clear Varnish

Creating Contemporary Shelving

Floating shelves bring a modern look to just about any space. Create yours using bare or upcycled timber and coat them with Feast Watson Clear Varnish to enhance the timber’s natural look. Then, add your choice of décor to express your personal style.

Contemporary Timber Shelves

What you'll need

Clear Varnish
Feast Watson Clear Varnish
Paint Brush

Step One: Prepare Your Timber

Preparation is key to getting the best finish. Before you get started, take your timber shelves outside or place onto a drop sheet in a well ventilated area. Take your sandpaper and sand the surface to smooth using a sanding block or an orbital sander. Once the surface is smooth, use a damp cloth, wipe away all dust remnants and residue so your surface is clean and ready to be coated.


Step Two: Add Protection and Shine

Open your tin of Feast Watson Clear Varnish, and stir the product thoroughly with stirrer. Make sure not to shake the tin! This will avoid introducing any bubbles as you work. Working in the direction of the timber grain, use your brush, short nap roller or spray, apply Feast Watson Clear Varnish. Ensure all edges and the timber end grain are fully coated.
Leave to dry for 8 hours.


Step Three: Second and Third Coats

Once the first coat is dry, sand lightly before applying a second coat using the same method in Step Two.
Leave the shelves to dry for another 8 hours, then apply a final coat.
This will ensure full protection and a beautiful sheen.
Be sure to leave them dry completely for the final 8 hours.


Step Four: Decorate

Get creative, and style your shelves. Take a step back, and admire your handiwork!


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