Coffee table upcycling with Dot+Pop

How to upcycle a tired timber coffee table, taking it from daggy to designer

Join renovator Eve Gunson (@dotandpop) as she upcycles a tired coffee table with a little help from Feast Watson's Stain & Varnish Liming White.
Stain & Varnish Liming White gives a soft, milky white effect to timber and simultaneously preserves the stain by protecting it with a durable clear finish. The water based formula is non-yellowing and imparts colour without obscuring the natural characteristics of the timber grain.

Dot + Pop coffee table upcycling project

What you'll need

Stain & Varnish Liming White
Feast Watson Stain & Varnish
Liming White
Sanding Sealer
Feast Watson Sanding Sealer
Paint Brush

1. Sand to a smooth surface

I love the design of this coffee table, it has great lines, I love the leg detail BUT the bright orange stain? No thank you.
Sand to a smooth surface (if previously varnished, sand to a dull finish) and remove all sanding dust before coating.
TIP: Achieve that super-smooth finish (or if the timber grain is open or coarse) by applying a coat of Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and sand back as per the label instructions.

Dot+Pop's upcycled coffee table before Stain & Varnish Liming White.

2. Apply Stain & Varnish Liming White

Make sure you love your colour! Using an off-cut or on an inconspicuous area, test the colour to ensure you are happy with your choice.
Make sure the Stain and Varnish Liming White is thoroughly stirred through before starting (and during). Avoid introducing any bubbles!
Apply using a brush or roller. If applying by roller, use a short nap (5mm) mohair roller. Ensure edges and end grain are fully coated.
Provide 2 hours of drying time between coats. Remember to sand lightly between coats with a fine sandpaper to get the best results.
One coat gives a subtle, pale colour; multiple coats will build opacity and whiteness. Stain & Varnish Liming White is convenient to apply as it is fast drying, low odour and all application equipment can be cleaned up with water. To achieve this look I used 1 x coat as I wanted a pale timber look with just a touch of white.

Dot+Pop's upcycled coffee table project.

Daggy to Designer

I had so much fun upcycling this coffee table with the help of Feast Watson Stain & Varnish Liming White. Previously an orange eye sore, it's now a modern coastal delight ready for many more years of loving.

Dot+Pop's upcycled coffee table after Stain & Varnish Liming White.

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