Achieve effortless style with our new 5L decking oil buckets

Delivering style-led looks for your deck has never been easier

Feast Watson's Matt Look and Wet Look Decking Oil now come in easy-to-use 5L buckets. Offering greater value than a standard can, and featuring a custom designed in-built application tray, creating a seamless finish for your outdoor space has never been easier.

Feast Watson Decking Oil 5L Bucket

What you'll need

Feast Watson Matt Look Decking Oil 5L Bucket
Feast Watson Matt Look Decking Oil - 5L
Feast Watson Wet Look Decking Oil 5L Bucket
Feast Watson Wet Look Decking Oil - 5L
Feast Watson Woodclean
Feast Watson Woodclean™

1. Clean the deck with Feast Watson Woodclean™

Dilute Woodclean™ in water by mixing 1 part Woodclean™ to 4 parts water. Make sure to stir your diluted mixture thoroughly!
Using a stiff bristle brush or broom, apply Woodclean™ to dampened timber and scrub surface vigorously.
Go make yourself a coffee, and allow the Woodclean™ solution to penetrate the surface for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes have elapsed, rinse with high-pressure water.
Allow the surface to dry completely before applying any further products.
Note: Protect nearby paint, plants and other surfaces with plastic sheeting, or wet them first and rinse immediately after. Woodclean™ may cause erosion of some timber sealants and fillers. Test your surface prior to application.

Step Three: Dilute Feast Watson Woodclean

2. Open the Feast Watson 5L Decking Oil bucket & stir

Lift the lid upwards. Refer to the instructions on the lid of the bucket. Be careful of splashing product when removing the lid.
Thoroughly stir Decking Oil with a broad paddle, around all edges of the bucket before and during use to avoid introducing any bubbles.

Feast Watson Decking Oil 5L Bucket

3. Apply Feast Watson Decking Oil

Built-in pad off area for excess oil means no extra trays are required.
Easily maneuver the bucket around the deck with your foot using the built-in footwell to ensure minimal mess as your work.
Apply two coats of Matt Look or Wet Look Decking Oil along the length of the board while following the grain, ensuring to coat the edges too. Allow to dry for 4 hours before applying a second coat.
Note: Decking can be walked on with care after 12 hours, full curing 7 days.

Effortless style decking oil

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