Life in Colour with Sally Caroline

Life in Colour with Sally Caroline

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From guest accommodation located on breathtaking rural landscapes, to city homes with grandeur, Sally Caroline brings a luxurious flair to her client’s spaces. The Melbourne-based interior designer‘s unique style and tailored approach turns not only her client’s dreams into reality, but creates modern design marvels. We sat down with Sally to talk about design trends, inspirations, and current projects. 

What do you predict the 2021 colour and trends to be?

Still very much in the warm earthy tones - shades of green as well as ochre, terracotta and warm whites.

What are three things that are inspiring you right now?

Masterclass - An online learning platform with classes from some really exciting people. I've done classes with Anna Wintour and Kelly Weartsler lately.

  1. Apple TV series called ‘HOME’, some very different projects to the type of work we do in the studio. I love hearing different perspectives, creative problem solving and different living environments. There is one tiny apartment in Hong Kong which has movable walls to adapt to every function, and a greenhouse in Sweden that operates entirely off the grid.

  2. Bit of a TV theme here, but I've loved watching The Parisian Agency. Seeing as we can't travel at the moment, this has been a great little filler with some incredibly beautiful Parisian apartments... I'm definitely craving a Paris trip!

What are you working on at the moment?

We have such an inspiring mix of projects on the go at the moment, which I love. Everything from low-cost guest accomodation on a farm to city homes of grand scale. With the monotony of lockdowns and other covid restrictions, I'm loving having these great creative briefs with awesome clients and an inspired team. Right now I'm wrapping up the furniture procurement for a large home in Flinders, most of the furniture has been imported from every inch of the globe which has been an enormous task considering a global pandemic and pressure on freight!

What’s your favourite space in your home? And why?

Lounge. This is where we gather as a family every night and relax, often I'll be down on the playmat with my two girls. My husband and I are so busy at the moment with work and building the new house, this time at night is such sweet quality time that is the perfect way to finish the day.

What influences your personal style, home and lifestyle?

Comfort and function, always.

Take a look at Sally’s projects at or follow her Instagram @sallycaroline_.

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