5 upcycle projects to transform your space

5 upcycle projects to transform your space

5 upcycle projects to transform your space

Butch & Bulldog

A small, perfect addition to a space can make a big difference to its overall feel. However finding this particular piece can be a bit of a mission, and the item you eventually find may not be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. Luckily, there’s a simple, cost-effective and creative solution - upcycling!

Upcycling holds some major benefits. On top of conserving natural resources and significantly reducing the amount of timber waste sent to landfill, upcycling can also save you money. If you need more convincing as to why you should give upcycling a go, check out our 4 reasons why you should upcycle instead of buying new.

Are you ready to be inspired? Read on to discover 5 upcycling projects to transform your space.

A coffee table fit for your morning brew

We put thought and care into the curated assortment of books, candles and trinkets decorating our coffee tables, so it’s important to start with the best-looking base. Is your coffee table in need of revitalisation? Then consider breathing new life into it with a transformative coat of stain.

Take inspiration from Butch & Bulldog and go for a coastal and airy look with our Stain & Varnish Liming White. Simply sand back the existing coating and brush on this milky white finish. Apply the stain to the whole piece, or create an interesting contrast by coating the coffee table top with Liming White and applying paint in your desired hue to the base.

If modern and moody are more to your taste, opt for our Stain & Varnish in Black Japan for a rich injection of colour.

Add warmth and character with some wooden vases

Wooden vases are a beautiful addition to any home, housing flowers that can bring your space to life. A simple and cost-effective way to add character to your space is to stain mismatched wooden vases in the same tone to create a beautiful, cohesive collection. Source your vases from the local op-shop, sand to remove any existing coating and apply a stunning hue from our Stain & Varnish or Prooftint ranges. If you select Prooftint, ensure you top coat it with either our Timber Floor Oil, Clear Varnish, Weatherproof, or Scandinavian Oil for long-lasting protection and a fully developed colour.

Dr Anita Vandyke created a stunning centrepiece using a wooden vase and bowl coated with our Stain & Varnish in Black Japan. She styled her pieces with some dried flowers and wooden beads, how will you decorate yours?

Restore a relaxing vintage chaise

Life’s quiet moments are ones to treasure, and is there a more blissful way to do so than by lounging on your restored timber chaise? @Danielle_symes saw the beauty in this well-loved antique chaise and chose to return it to its former glory. All it took was some sanding, a new cushion and our Scandinavian Oil, to ready this piece for a blissful cup of tea or an enthralling read.

Want to add this piece to your home? Read our step by step guide to achieve this look.

Curate your own gallery with a photo wall

Another simple but effective upcycling project is to create your own unique gallery wall using a collection of second-hand photo frames.

If you’re an antique lover, search for ornate vintage frames. If modern is more to your liking, opt for simple, box frames. Following a trip to the op shop, simply sand to a smooth surface before applying your chosen finish.

All that’s left is to hang them up to elevate your space, revamp bare walls and bring a personal, yet stylish touch to your home. A great tip is to cut out tracings of your frames using brown paper to help you curate your collection before any nails go into the wall.

A side cabinet to wow your visitors

A side cabinet isn’t just for storage. It can be a statement piece, in addition to what you choose to style on top. Whether you desire to celebrate the natural look of the timber with our Clear Varnish or Timber Floor Wax, or decide to undertake a complete transformation with our Prooftint range, we can help you upcycle a piece to complete

your entryway, hallway, living or bedroom. Just like our previous upcycle projects, the first step is to remove the previous coating.

Want to increase the WOW factor of your side cabinet? Have your side table double as a luxe bar like The Design Files. They used our Scandinavian Oil to nourish the timber and highlight its natural beauty while imparting an elegant satin sheen. Prooftint in Black was used on the interior to provide a bold contrast. Now, who has the cocktail shaker?

Your local op-shop, flea markets, Facebook Marketplace and curb-side pick up have so many antique and mid-century gems waiting to be given a new life. We hope these 5 upcycling projects have sparked your imagination! We encourage you to get creative, search for new ideas and always be thinking of new ways to give your furniture a second life. Trust us, the earth and your wallet will thank you for it!

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