5 Reasons You Should Stain Your Floorboards Black

Here's why you should put Black Japan on your list of potential floorboard colours

Black Timber Floors | Feast Watson Black Japan

You are faced with many exciting colour options when deciding to stain your floorboards. It's a big decision that can change the look and feel of your home, so you want to get it right. Considering all the colour options may lead you to think of a safe and traditional look, like a natural timber stain. However, it's also worth considering bolder and more dynamic timber stains, which can give you a unique look. The deepest and richest of these colours is black. Feast Watson Black Japan Timber Floor Stain & Varnish is worth considering if you're open to the richness of black floorboards. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should put Black Japan on your list of potential floorboard colours:

1. You want ‘Wow Factor’

Although it's true that black stain is a less common floorboard colour, there's a boldness to this colour selection, which gives your interior flooring and home wow factor. It says that you're not afraid to make unique style decisions. The popularity of black flooring is increasing, simply because it looks amazing, especially if you style your indoor space with pops of colour in other areas. Our Black Japan range has become an increasingly popular colour choice for those who want to stand out whilst also maintaining a timeless look. The benefit of the product is that you can apply as many coats as you like to achieve richer hues. For example, one coat will showcase the grain in your timber more predominantly, but coat again and you can achieve even greater contrast with your other style choices.

2. You want a zen vibe

Using Black Japan will help you achieve a chill and sophisticated vibe as soon as people set eyes on it. Paired with natural tones and greenery, it's easy to imagine the beauty and peace of a Japanese zen garden inside your home. To get a deep and sophisticated black look on your timber, you need a quality product like our Black Japan Timber Floor Stain & Varnish. In this case, your black floorboards will allow your space to look and feel lush and warm.

3. You want a long lasting style trend

Black floorboards are the little black dress of the flooring world, they never go out of fashion. Stylistically, you can't go wrong choosing black, as it matches any other colour. Therefore, no matter your other styling choices, a black stain is sure to match and could even enhance your indoor space in many cases. Because you can add coats for richness, our Black Japan Timber Floor Stain & Varnish will suit so many design styles from industrial-chic to modern. The quality of the product and sophisticated look means you won’t be looking to restain any time soon.

4. Your floorboards need a pick me up

If your old floorboards look a bit shabby and you want to change things up, black may be the colour you are looking for. This is a major change, so be prepared to use some elbow grease. If your old floorboards are already stained and varnished, you will need to strip back to bare timber before applying our Black Japan Timber Floor Stain & Varnish. However, once this hard work is done, the product has the benefit of being a one-step application. Black stains can also cover minor scratches and stains on your old floorboards, making them look just like new.

5. You have new floorboards

Create beautiful, stand-out floorboards right from the beginning. Transform your floorboards from bare to black in just three coats. If you find you adore the look after one coat, simply finish your floor with a coat of our Timber Floor Varnish and your desired colour will be sealed.

Now you know our 5 reasons to stain your floorboards with our Black Japan Timber Floor Stain & Varnish, will you dare to go dark?

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