Life in Colour with Jacquie & Anna from Moss

Life in Colour with Jacquie & Anna from Moss


Meet Jacquie Pask and Anna Lewis. The Melbourne based  interior design duo from Moss, a boutique interiors practice, which specialises in complementing the past with contemporary pieces. By putting their clients’ desires at the forefront of the design process, they create beautiful spaces ‘to be lived in.’

We spoke to Jacquie and Anna about what 2022 holds, and their current inspirations and influences.


Bathroom with timber vanity and stone benchop



Tell us what you predict the colour / trend of 2022 will be?

Since we use a lot of colour, we find it hard to settle on one direction. We also enjoy customising our spaces to suit our clients so would not be influenced by colour trends but rather our clients’ own effects. We do see an increase in wired or brushed timber – or maybe that’s just a thing we like playing with to add texture and interest to our joinery pieces!


What are the three things that are inspiring you right now?

1. Seeing people enjoying their homes and making the most of their own space

2. Letting clients’ personalities shine through by allowing us to have a client-led outlook

3. Supporting locally produced goods and workrooms and craftspeople – without crazy import lead times and keeping local businesses thriving





What are you working on at the moment?

We have a mix or repeat clients who are renovating instead of travelling, including a fabulous beach house on the Mornington Peninsula. We are loving the attention to detail that we are able to indulge in on this one.


What’s your favourite space in your home? And why?

The kitchen! It’s where it all happens in the home, and it’s lovely to enjoy natural materials and fine appliances with outcomes that everyone can share together.



Tile and Marble Bathroom



What influences your personal style and home / lifestyle?

Our homes have been created over time, with a collation of artwork and furniture pieces – some classics and some hard-to-part-with crazy things – set against a backdrop of simple, enduring forms and finishes. Our homes have the look of having evolved, and we try to emulate this feeling when creating rooms for our clients: timeless and personal.


Follow along with Jacquie & Anna’s work below at Moss Melbourne.




Jacquie & Anna from Moss