Floor Paint

Opaque Water Based Paint For Timber Floors

An opaque, water based coating for adding colour to interior timber floors.

Floor Paint has been specially formulated to provide superior mark resistance and deliver outstanding adhesion and wear resistance for longer lasting results. It is available in White and Ultra Deep Base, and can be tinted to a wide range of colours.

Floor Paint provides a Satin finish. For a glossy look, top coat Floor Paint with a Gloss water based floor clear.

surface preparation

New or bare timber/cork
Punch exposed nails below the surface. Holes and imperfections should be filled with timber putty. Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Vacuum and wipe to remove dust. Prepare uncoated cork tiles in accordance with the supplier's recommendation.

For best results, seal uncoated or tannin rich timber with Feast Watson Floorseal Oil or Proofseal and allow to dry thoroughly before applying Liming White Floor Finish.

Previously Coated Timber
Previously coated surfaces need to be sanded back to bare timber. Remove all sanding dust before coating.

Proofseal Floorseal Oil


Surfaces to be coated must be dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease, wax, polish and oil. Floorpaint should be mixed thoroughly, with a flat blade stirrer, before and during application, taking care NOT to introduce bubbles.

Apply with a Feast Watson Floor Finish Applicator, brush or short nap mohair roller. Work along the whole length of 3 to 4 floorboards at a time, maintaining a wet edge to prevent lap marks and lay off in the direction of the grain. Take care to not introduce bubbles.

When the first coat is thoroughly dry, apply second coat as outlined above. Note, if grain raising is present a light sand is required before the second coat.

For a longer wearing finish apply a third coat as per previous instruction.

If a gloss finish is applied, top coat Floor Paint wirth a suitable gloss water based floor coating.


Clean regularly with Feast Watsaon Floorclean.

Monitor the surface for signs of colour loss or surface defects. When floor requires an additional coat of Floor Paint, apply as per the instructions for Previously Coated Surfaces

  • Where to useNew and existing interior timber, cork and parquetry floors
  • Coverage m2/L8
  • Number of coats3
  • Recoat time2 hours
  • Dry timeAllow 24 hours before light foot traffic and 72 hours for normal traffic. Full curing after 7 days
  • Clean upWater
  • Sizes available4L