Scandinavian Oil

Premium Danish Oil

A clear blend of penetrating oils and resins that can be applied to raw timber to highlight the natural grain and colour. When applied to the surface it rejuvenates the timber and removes any accumulated scratches and blemishes.

With a satin lustre that can be built to gloss with additional coats, Scandinavian Oil provides a natural finish to timber with a light film build.

Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil is suitable for use with Feast Watson Prooftint and can be used as a top coat over Feast Watson Liming White (oil based).

surface preparation

New Timber
Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating. To achieve a super-smooth finish or if the timber grain is open or coarse, apply a coat of Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and sand back as per the directions

Previously Coated Timber
Clean previously varnished surfaces with Feast Watson Floorclean and allow to dry.

Sanding Sealer Floorclean


Surfaces to be coated must be dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease, wax and oil. Scandinavian Oil should be stirred thoroughly before and during application with a flat blade stirrer taking care not to introduce bubbles.

New Timber
Apply a coat of Scandinavian Oil using a clean soft cloth or pad, which is thoroughly saturated, or apply with a brush and then work the Scandinavian Oil into the timber with a clean soft cloth or pad.

Coated Timber
Apply using a scouring pad or fine steel wool (000). Allow to penetrate for 30 minutes. When the surface gets tacky remove excess surface oil with a clean dry cloth. Allow 8 hours between coats. Apply further coats until the desired finish is achieved. Three or four coats are recommended for a satin lustre and durable protection. More coats will increase the sheen.

Scandinavian Oil becomes marr proof after approximately 8 days.

Scandinavian Oil does NOT require thinning


Ensure the surface is dry and free of dirt, dust, oil and grease.  Using a brush, pad or clean soft cloth, apply one coat of Scandinavian Oil and allow to dry.

  • Where to useAll interior woodwork including furniture, architraves, trims, cedar blinds and panelling. May be applied directly to raw or previously coated timber.
  • Coverage m2/L15
  • Number of coats1
  • Recoat time8 hours
  • Dry time12 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available250ml, 1L