Wipe-On Poly

Wipe-On Gloss Or Satin Timber Finish

Wipe-on Poly is a clear, silky smooth, oil based polyurethane finish that provides durable protection with classic, hand-rubbed beauty. It is easily applied with a cloth, without any drips or brush marks.

Use Wipe-on Poly over previously stained or varnished surfaces in good condition. It is a great way to protect stained timber, and highly recommended over Prooftint Stain.

Available in Gloss or Satin.

Note: Wipe-on Poly is NOT suitable for high traffic areas such as floors. 

surface preparation

Fill nail holes, cracks and other defects with a Water Based Putty after applying the first coat of this product for accurate colour matching.

Remove stains, dirt, wax, grease and oil with mineral turpentine. Remove any polish with a suitable polish remover.

Bare Timber 
Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating. For naturally oily timbers, seal the timber with Feast Watson Proofseal as per the directions prior to application.

Previously Coated Timber
Previously varnished surfaces need to be sanded to a dull finish. Remove all sanding dust before coating. Thoroughly clean the surface with Floorclean and allow to dry.

Apply one coat to a small test area. Allow to dry for 6 hours. Press sticky tape firmly to the surface and pull off quickly. If the coating comes off, sand back to bare timber. If coating adheres well, sand the entire area with 180 - 240 grit paper for good adhesion, remove dust, then follow application instructions.

Proofseal Floor Clean


Shake Mastertouch Wipe-on Poly container for one minute prior to use

Interior Timber
Apply a liberal amount with a clean lint free cloth in the direction of the grain. Allow to dry for a minimum of 6 hours. Subsequent coats can be applied as required following instructions above. A light sand with 240 grit sand paper is recommended between coats.

Apply Feast Watson Prooftint following label directions prior to the application of Wipe-on Poly. Allow Prooftint to dry the recommended period before applying Wipe-on Poly.

  • Where to useAll interior woodwork including furniture, doors, windows, architraves, panelling and trim.
  • Coverage m2/L16
  • Number of coats1
  • Recoat timeMinimum 6 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine. Soak application cloths in water before disposing
  • Sizes available1L